Share your experience or thoughts

If you are a Countdown employee who has been adversely impacted by the boycott and subsequent negative publicity of the last two months, or you know someone who has, I would love to read and share your experience and thoughts.

This includes the reaction on social media – attitudes towards/treatment of Countdown employees and the abusive messages being directed at the chain; or anything that has happened in the workplace – for example a drop in sales affecting you or your team, harassment or abuse of staff and/or customers in or around the store, and ‘direct action’ from boycotters such as dumping full trolleys at checkouts or intimidation tactics such as picketing outside a store.

If you simply want to show your support for Countdown employees and their families I would love to hear your voice too, and your opinion on the treatment they have been receiving in the name of “the greater good”.

Help me expose the ugly side of this boycott.

Any personal information and job positions will be withheld or edited as appropriate. All information remains strictly confidential. If at any time you wish to have your contribution removed please message me and this will be done as soon as possible.