Introducing: The Man who compares Countdown to Sexual Predators

Did you think that Shane Jones comparing Countdown to the Mongerel Mob was abhorrent and wholly inappropriate?
Well do I have a doozy for you!!

You will all remember the Roast Busters issue that was raised last November.

Well, according to this man, the few complaints that the Commerce Commission has confirmed have been made about Countdown (exact details not supplied due to ongoing investigation) is comparable to the few complaints made by the survivors of the Roast Busters gang who were brave enough to come forward.

Compre to RBs wp edit

Steve Wood is intentionally demeaning and disrespecting all survivors of sexual violence.
Complaints related to business practice are in NO WAY comparable to complaints of sexual violence and that anyone would use this analogy is frankly sickening.

A statement like this is inexcusable coming from anyone – much less an older man who should know better.

UPDATE: At some point between 10:30 and 11:15 PM, Steve deleted the comment comparing the few complaints against Countdown to the complaints of sexual violence against the Roast Busters.


Boycott Extremist Turns on Suppliers; Calls them Traitors

When Shane Jones put on his invisibility cloak of Parliamentary Privilege and accused Countdown of extortion, bullying and blackmail, the public was led to believe that suppliers who delivered goods to Countdown were the victims.

But NO! The verdict is in – apparently they are disloyal to and stealing money from New Zealand!
That’s right – suppliers to Countdown are now the bad guys – along with anyone who works for or shops at the chain.
In fact, if you have anything to do with Countdown, you’re Disloyal. Anti Kiwi. A Dirty Traitor.
Shame! Shame! Shame!

Who is spouting this hysterical nonsense, you ask?
traitors edit wp

The same person who put up the details of Dave Chambers’ 2IC and encouraged people to harass her. Speaking of which, he’s at it again.
harass kate pt 2 edit

This was posted today. Note how he’s getting sneaky – Telling followers what to say and pretending to advocate a ‘peaceful’ approach rather than aggressive.
Unfortunately for him he spoils it all by acknowlgeding it’s a number for the media to use but encouraging people to abuse it anyway.


In Other News:

Jerrard Day is convinced that anyone who opposes or challenges the boycott and the anti Progressives/ anti Australian attitude expressed on the boycott page is a “shill”. He believes these people are paid by Progressives to spread “misinformation” and has made several posts about this. Even one of the regular posters on the page has called him paranoid.
So we’re not only Anti Kiwi, but we’re paid extortionate sums of money to pretend to support Progressives and its employees, suppliers and contractors because no one in their right mind would have that opinion of their own volition!

Here he admits that his alias (Scarlet Pimpernel) is his very own Privilege Hoodie. He changed his display name about two weeks ago.
fake name edit

Aren’t his theories hilarious (not to mention ironic)?
Demented ravings? Cult-like behaviour? I think he needs to take a look in the mirror and at some of his fellow extremist buddies.
Online Disinhibition Effect has a lot to answer for. You can read about this in a previous entry if you haven’t yet seen it.

Unfortunately for him, you can change your display name but not the one you registered under – the original remains displayed in the web address.

not so fake edit wp
So he can run, but he can’t hide – well, he can pretend to. Under that shiny invisibility cloak.

Is the dream over for The Boycott Brigade?..

Since the boycott began the supporters of this ‘revolution’ have regularly posted anecdotal confirmation of low custom at their local Countdown stores – reporting empty car parks and third party information from suppliers and employees who have allegedly confirmed a definite drop in numbers through the doors.

Conversely, reports of ‘business as usual’ are met with derision and seemingly a source of great personal offense.
No one has moaned about too many people shopping at Countdown recently, this last post was from a couple of weeks ago on the boycott page:
way too many cars in the Countdown car park in Rototuna yesterday, we do have a New World across the road that has picked up alot of trade in the last month..”

However someone posted this in the latest thread on the main page today:

Is it over

As long predicted people are doing their own thing and continuing to shop at Countdown supermarkets.
Two months on, the storm in a teacup seems to be blowing over.

Blaming Countdown for the Hep A scare…? Proof that the Boycotters are grasping at straws.

When the announcement was made yesterday that some fruit packed at a Hawkes Bay plant was potentially contaminated with Hepatitis A the public were understandably worried.
The article warned that some apples sold at Progressives stores and peaches sold at Foodstuffs stores in the last few weeks were being recalled as a precautionary manner.

Of course, certain members of the boycott movement jumped all over this story like rabbits. They’ve been posting links to the story like it’s going out of fashion and insinuating Countdown is somehow to blame and even that they deliberately sold poisoned fruit.

From the Boycott Countdown page:
another reason to Boycott Countdown, turns out Countdown Supermarkets have been supplying Hepatitis A to customers now…”
“…and now Countdown Supermarkets are stocking fruit with Hepatitis A..”
Watch out for your Countdown apples and peaches: Hepatitis A warning..”

Countdown’s facebook page has of course been copping it too – aside from the idiotic boycott comments several people have even threatened to take legal action if they or their family members become ill.
I understand people are worried about the health of themselves and their families but this trend of shooting the messenger helps no one. Wht blame Countdown? Or Pak’n’Save for that matter – a range of stores in the North Island recalled a batch of peaches due to the risk of contamination.

Hepatitis A is a horrible illness and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done but to wait for it to pass.
The fact that it has a long incubation period and you can be infectious before showing any symptoms means it can spread very quickly without anyone being aware it has happened.

For this reason there is no point in blaming any of the supermarkets, or even the pack house worker who fell ill. He could have contracted the virus himself from a range of environments.
The media release also stated that due to the workers all wearing gloves the risk of contaminatin is in fact minimal and the recall is a precautionary manner – yet this information doesn’t seem to be well – known. Once again people are

Another Boycott Extremist Says “Credible Threats of Harm Acceptable”

They’re at it again.

One of the extremists last night started this thread.

In it he gives the name and cellphone number of a person who he claims is Dave Chambers’ 2IC and encourages followers to “Ring her, text her, tell her what you think of Countdown… me, angry…? Gloves off, lady.”

The number is listed on the Progressives website as an emergency/after hours contact for media and government use only.
It is not intended to be given to the general public for the purpose of harassment and intimidation techniques.

The OP, Ely Ewan, was challenged by several people as to his intent in posting this information. He continually attempts to justify his actions saying that they deserve harassment and abuse.

He is extremely disgruntled. It would seem he attempted to demand compensation following the company’s failure to delete all his details from the Progessive database when he cancelled a onecard in 2012 – resulting in unwanted offers and contacts by one of Progressive’s sister companies, Tomorrow Shopper. His demand for compensation appears to have been unsuccessful.
He wrote an extremely detailed post about it several hours prior to the most recent thread inciting harassment and violence.

One can assume that the failed attempt at getting compensation is the motivation behind encouraging a full-on assault against the welfare and safety of Countdown employees.

As of yet the admin of the page, Nevan Lancaster, has not stepped in to discourage these types of posts, nor has he removed it.

Dare to challenge the mighty Boycott Countdown gang..? Expect threats of violence. Oh, and let Aussie burn..

Countdown staff and supporters who dare stand up to boycotters and voice opinions in favour of the chain and management have long been vilified, bullied and belittled for their stance.

A Kiwi expat living in Australia who has been openly challenging the boycott of Countdown and the xenophobic attitudes aimed at Australians (which are regularly expressed by a small mob of boycott supporters) has been threatened with brutal violence – by an extremist supporter of Nevan Lancaster’s “Boycott Countdown” facebook page.

Screen shots of the offender’s very violent threats were taken and sent to the police. Initially copies were posted on several pages including  Lancaster’s page, challenging him to control the extremist views which have been boiling over for some time.
As the complainant has confirmed it is now a police matter I am unable to show the offender’s threatening messages. What I can do is show you Lancaster’s response.

violence wp edit

Does this mean he condones such behaviour from his followers? Or is it just another “tongue in cheek” reply (as Lancaster would evidently have us believe), similar to the ‘let Aussie burn’ comment?

Another poster who is also a Kiwi expat living in Australia challenged this sentiment recently. He described Lancaster’s response:
“When I brought up his “let Aussie burn” statement with someone else, he replied with a rather ambiguous comment about how I should learn what a question mark denotes. I think what he was trying to say is that it’s perfectly acceptable to make such suggestions, as long as they’re framed as a question.”
Below is his challenge and Lancaster’s response.

justify that burn comment

If you haven’t seen the infamous post yet, here it is.
burn wp edit

To date, it has not been removed from the page, despite widespread criticism. It has 37 ‘likes’.

What next… stalking and threats aimed at people who work for or supply to the chain..?
When has it gone too far? It would appear that time has been and gone.


Such a simple little adverb.
It has been applied a lot lately when the very real concerns around the stability of  jobs and shift security for countdown staff are bought up.
Pro-boycotters argue that:

“They can just get new jobs..”
“Demand will just go up in other supermarkets..”
New world and Pak’n’Save will just hire them..”

The same applies when the pro-boycott types are asked,
“But what about the suppliers to Countdown? What happens when the stores are forced to reduce orders to reflect a downturn in sales..?”

Can you guess the typical response?

“But they’ll just sell to other stores..”
“Other supermarkets will just pick up the slack..”

Before we go further, let’s remind ourselves of the definition of “just’ in this form.
Taken from –

1) within a brief preceding time; but a moment before:

2) exactly or precisely:

3) only or merely:

4) actually; really; positively:The use of the word ‘just’ in this sense has come to be nothing more than a condescension. A way to belittle the welfare of the people who are really feeling the pinch – the front line staff and suppliers who will be seeing orders drop.
The word ‘just’ in this sense completely ignores the reality of economics.
In real life, transfer of employment or sales of goods and services take time. It is not instantaneous. And equal or improved replacement of your previous arrangement is never guaranteed. I don’t have a qualification in economics or business, and even I know this.
Do you know who does have a degree in economics? The creator of the Boycott Countdown facebook page, Nevan Lancaster.

Mr Lancaster has owned a small business in Tauranga for a number of years -so perhaps he considers himself an expert? But there is a notable difference between a small, privately owned business and a large, multinational business such as Countdown.
He also believes that Countdown sends “100%” of its profits back to Australia retaining none in NZ.
CD heaps of money wp

When the “Boycott the Boycotter Bullies” facebook page was set up he spent quite a lot of time over the course of a couple of days posting ‘evidence’ and arguing for his cause, seemingly put out that someone dared voice an opinion differing to his.
One such claim of ‘evidence’ was the posting of a link for a recent Woolworths annual report where he insisted you could find the proof to show that 100% of profits were sent to Australia.
funnily enough, nowhere in the report does it say “100% of profits from Countdown stores’ earnings goes to Australia, leaving none in New Zealand.”

Which brings us back to that seemingly insignificant word, “Just..”.
A big fan of the ‘just’ word is Mr Lancaster. He’s used it over and over in the course of arguments for boycotting the supermarket chain.

Here he is rationalising how CD workers can ‘just’ get hired by rival supermarkets or that if the chain is bought out by another company it will retain all staff. He also addresses in the same post the concern suppliers will be affected and attempts to refute this with another ‘just’ scenario.  Source

My question is: How can a person who has studied economics truly believe these things would instantaneously happen and that everyone who was at risk would end up with new jobs and orders while not being affected at all in the meantime – or at least not significantly enough to be detrimental?

To begin with Countdown pays significantly better than other supermarkets – so any staff who transferred to another chain would ‘just’ have to accept a paycut and possibly less hours. Simple! What’s the problem?
Economics – that’s the problem.

In the event the CD chain was sold there is no guarantee they would keep on all staff. According to the Ministry of Business and Development, although any new owner of a sold business must by law retain any existing contracts between staff and their old employer there is no law that they must not lay off any staff. If they can justify this action no one can prevent them from doing so. They may site ‘restructuring’, for example. Economics once again!
Furthermore, there is no guarantee employees and suppliers would be satisfied with the new owners and how they might run the business.

All these suppositions are up in the air. In the meantime, staff (and suppliers) are still being affected now.

Perhaps Mr. Lancaster needs to go back and up skill. Things have changed just slightly since 1991, when he graduated.