Another Boycott Extremist Says “Credible Threats of Harm Acceptable”

They’re at it again.

One of the extremists last night started this thread.

In it he gives the name and cellphone number of a person who he claims is Dave Chambers’ 2IC and encourages followers to “Ring her, text her, tell her what you think of Countdown… me, angry…? Gloves off, lady.”

The number is listed on the Progressives website as an emergency/after hours contact for media and government use only.
It is not intended to be given to the general public for the purpose of harassment and intimidation techniques.

The OP, Ely Ewan, was challenged by several people as to his intent in posting this information. He continually attempts to justify his actions saying that they deserve harassment and abuse.

He is extremely disgruntled. It would seem he attempted to demand compensation following the company’s failure to delete all his details from the Progessive database when he cancelled a onecard in 2012 – resulting in unwanted offers and contacts by one of Progressive’s sister companies, Tomorrow Shopper. His demand for compensation appears to have been unsuccessful.
He wrote an extremely detailed post about it several hours prior to the most recent thread inciting harassment and violence.

One can assume that the failed attempt at getting compensation is the motivation behind encouraging a full-on assault against the welfare and safety of Countdown employees.

As of yet the admin of the page, Nevan Lancaster, has not stepped in to discourage these types of posts, nor has he removed it.