How Jones violated Countdown Suppliers

Since Mid February when Jones first spoke out against Countdown he has rabidly been attacking the chain on behalf of suppliers (whom have been relentlessly and mercilessly bullied, he claims) fishing enthusiasts (that fish dumping scandal) and potential problem gamblers (the odiously offensive introduction of lotto sales at some checkouts in 100 stores nationwide).

But now, in a shock announcement on Tuesday (which he may have leaked himself if you read between the lines of a paragraph of this article) he has announced he’s leaving and it has since been confirmed a position was offered to him by Foreign Minister Murray McCully, which he has accepted.
McCully categorically denies the position, which involves a Pacific Ambassadorial role, was created specifically for Jones. Instead be claims that Jones was simply the ‘top man on their list’ when they created the job.
However a great deal of New Zealanders are asking why this position wasn’t advertised in the mainstream job market or at least offered to several potentially suitable candidates and the due application process not followed.

Whatever way they spin it, the whole situation smells… well, fishy.

So how DID Jones violate suppliers, you ask?

Back when he first donned that shiny cloak and for the few weeks following he kept banging on about he was supporting the suppliers, he believed them, he’d seen evidence and was outraged, et cetera.
He demanded the Commerce Commission investigate (which they’d already begun doing before he first stepped up under parliamentary privilege) and even inferred that they were at best incompetent and at worst potentially corrupt.
He made himself out to be the crusader for marginalised and downtrodden suppliers – promising to stick it out, to keep breathing down the neck of the CC and to see the investigation out til its bitter end.

But here he is a couple of months down the track, hightailing it for greener pastures, which could potentially be to the tune of up to $250k a year – more than what he has been earning as an MP.

He’s left those suppliers in the lurch – showing that he didn’t really care an iota for them and their plight at all.
He’s handed the Mighty Torch Of Xenophobic Hate Against Australian Owned Supermarkets over to Clayton Cosgrove and without so much of a lingering backward glance or crocodile tear has abandoned the suppliers he had promised his undying loyalty and support to.

Effectively, Jones has used the suppliers’ concerns for his own political gain – to further his already established name as a maverick and a Rebel With Many Causes.
Not only has he used them, but he’s used fishermen, conservation and environmental enthusiasts, and people with known or potential struggles with gambling and their loved ones.

He’s done exactly what I predicted he’d do all along – bent us all over and given us a damn hard rogering.

Everyone he’s used must be feeling violated right now, especially those suppliers.

He’s made a fool of everyone but makes excuses about how he couldn’t give ‘100 percent’, he couldn’t work with the Greens, he wasn’t happy with how things were going in the Labour ranks, yadda yadda yadda…
But I believe that the real reason is that the people he’s blatantly and shamelessly used and manupulated have served their purpose, and now that he’s got a better offer they can all just sink or swim themselves in the pool of mess and controversy he’s created.

Don’t piss on our leg and tell us it’s raining, Jones.

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