Countdown And Lotto In Bed Together… No Wait, Lotto Is The Victim… No, Wait…” Jones Dithers Over Lotto’s Culpability

It’s been rather quiet since Cosgrove extended an ‘invitation’ to Countdown to come before a select parliamentary committee to discuss that infamous letter.

Cue Jones’ turn to once again enter the spotlight – waving his shiny cloak of privilege so that it glitters and twinkles to maximum effect (or so he hopes).

Now his target is Lotto. The problem is, he can’t seem to decide whether the Lotteries Commission is Lex Luthor or Clark Kent in this tale of superheroes and villains.

First he talks about the “cosy relationship” between Countdown and Lotto, saying he wants the Lotteries Commission to front up and explain themselves, before changing tack and saying that Countdown has been bullying lotto as well, allegedly threatening to take the lotto outlets out of their stores completely.

Surely those against gambling and who feel that lotto at the checkouts is going to wildly exacerbate problem gambling issues (including Jones) would think that less lotto outlets would be a good thing?

But no.
Jones’ latest fantasy has been inspired by an email which he has apparently received outlining alleged arrangements between Lotto and Countdown, including claims that “hundreds of thousands of dollars have been paid to both these entities in project payments..”
According to Jones Lotto execs are keeping mum on all this and more, including supposed bullying.

However there is one notable difference between Cosgrove and Jones in this instance. Cosgrove was careful to use the word ‘invite’ when trying to get Countdown to attend a meeting – so he didn’t look like a bully, perhaps?
Jones doesn’t beat around the bush. He demands that the Lotteries Commission be forced to front up and do some serious explaining.

He also claims that only Countdown has been ‘allowed’ to introduce the option of lotto purchases at the checkouts.
So does that mean other retailers have wanted to do this?
If so, why haven’t they?
And if they did, would they be subject to the same level of vitriol? Or are only foreign-owned businesses subject to these attacks?

Once again, that Cologne Eau de désespoir permeates the atmosphere.