It’s Official… The “Menancing” letter, That Is….

Following the public interest in the so called ‘menacing’ letter from Progressive Enterprises to the Commerce Commission, Parliament today released a copy of the *ahem* offending correspondence.

Lo and behold, it is nothing more than a request for information in a standard format written by their legal team, Russel McVeagh.
lacklustre excuse for his Jones-esque use of terminology in his description of the letter was that “Progressive could have easily obtained the information without making the request through its lawyers.”

Who does Cosgrove think it would be suitable to receive the letter from? A customer, perhaps?

It seems perfectly acceptable to me that a formal request such as the one Progressive made would be sent by their legal team, considering the formality which would be required in such a situation.

As suspected, Cosgrove has made a great deal of unnecessary fuss over what appears to be an entirely unsubstantiated allegation over a simple and perfectly reasonable request which took care to go through formal protocols.