…For Their next Trick, Labour ‘Invites’ Progessive To A Select Committee Meeting

Now that it has been revealed that the so called ‘menacing’ letter appears to be nothing of the sort, it would seem that Labour is trying to save face by ‘inviting’ Progessive Enterprises to attend a Parliamentary select committee meeting to discuss their request for a transcript of a previous meeting between the Commerce Commission and MPs – perhaps the very one where Cosgrove infamously demanded answers to which he wasn’t entitled.

Cosgrove said that he wrote to Dave Chambers, Managing Director of Countdown supermarkets, “asking him if he wanted to appear before the committee.”
National MPs disagreed with this suggestion but Cosgrove has elected to go a bit maverick, it would seem – he went head and sent the ‘invite’ anyway.

In his letter he said,

“I believe it is important that the view of your company is heard by the committee and as such I am more than prepared to move another motion inviting you to appear… If PEL [Progressive Enterprises Ltd] does not wish to appear, I would be grateful if you could outline the reason(s) why.”


Hmmm… to me this sounds less like an invite – which is presented as a volunatry choice without pressure to take any particular action – and more like an demand.

Progressive however is not falling for it.

A statement from Progressive yesterday suggested that it had no desire to be questioned by MPs.“We aren’t seeking an opportunity to appear before the committee,” a spokeswoman said in the statement.“We are simply seeking to understand what was said at a meeting to consider whether there were any views expressed or things said that we felt we needed to comment on.”

So, Cosgrove… who is being menacing now?

Jones is teaching you well.