Clayton Cosgrove Takes Another Leaf Out of The book Of Jones: Oh! Those Letters!

Those of you who watched The Nation’s segment over the weekend may recall that during Jones’ IV he made references to a letter which had supposedly been sent to the commerce Commission by Progressives’ lawyers, and that it had undertones of  ‘bullying’.
When Jones was challenged on this allegation you’ll recall that he was forced to admit he hadn’t actually seen this letter himself; but that it was ‘around’. He then told the host (Patrick Gower) that the news team should “find it themselves”. He challenged them to find it.

Today Clayton Cosgrove, who appears to be contending for the spot of Jone’s Loyal Sidekick (a political Boy Wonder, perhaps?)
announced in parliament that Progressives sent a ‘menacing’ letter (yes, that’s right – the mystery letter has been upgraded from a rating of ‘bullying’ to the new status of ‘menacing’!) asking questions about the progress of the Commerce Commission’s investigations into allegations against the supermarket giant of bullying, blackmail and demands for retrospective cash payments.

What I find the most remarkable about this allegation is that Dave chambers has already stated that Progressives has sent the Commerce Commission a letter asking for more information and is awaiting a reply, as is their right as a business who is under investigation.

Why on earth would Dave Chambers mention they had sent correspondence if it could in any way be interpreted as bullying, menacing, aggressive, or any other adjective with a negative connotation for that matter?
Note that the time of publishing on the article regarding Mr Chambers is Saturday at 5am – before The Nation’s segment aired and Jones bought up the mysterious letter for the first time during his IV.

David Farrar asked if it had become mindless bashing of Countdown. I agreed with him then, and am even more inclined to do so now that Cosgrove has begun worrying this particular bone.

So come on, Cosgrove and Jones – prove us skeptics wrong.

Mr Chambers has already confirmed Progressive has requested information – So stop cowering behind your shiny cloaks of privilege (the ancient rite to which you are entitled as parliamentarians, yadda yadda yadda…).  Release this letter like you eventually did with Jones’ letter regarding the initial allegations of bullying.
Mr Chambers has already confirmed Progressive has requested information.
Let the public decide.

I challenge you.