Introducing: The Man who compares Countdown to Sexual Predators

Did you think that Shane Jones comparing Countdown to the Mongerel Mob was abhorrent and wholly inappropriate?
Well do I have a doozy for you!!

You will all remember the Roast Busters issue that was raised last November.

Well, according to this man, the few complaints that the Commerce Commission has confirmed have been made about Countdown (exact details not supplied due to ongoing investigation) is comparable to the few complaints made by the survivors of the Roast Busters gang who were brave enough to come forward.

Compre to RBs wp edit

Steve Wood is intentionally demeaning and disrespecting all survivors of sexual violence.
Complaints related to business practice are in NO WAY comparable to complaints of sexual violence and that anyone would use this analogy is frankly sickening.

A statement like this is inexcusable coming from anyone – much less an older man who should know better.

UPDATE: At some point between 10:30 and 11:15 PM, Steve deleted the comment comparing the few complaints against Countdown to the complaints of sexual violence against the Roast Busters.