Is the dream over for The Boycott Brigade?..

Since the boycott began the supporters of this ‘revolution’ have regularly posted anecdotal confirmation of low custom at their local Countdown stores – reporting empty car parks and third party information from suppliers and employees who have allegedly confirmed a definite drop in numbers through the doors.

Conversely, reports of ‘business as usual’ are met with derision and seemingly a source of great personal offense.
No one has moaned about too many people shopping at Countdown recently, this last post was from a couple of weeks ago on the boycott page:
way too many cars in the Countdown car park in Rototuna yesterday, we do have a New World across the road that has picked up alot of trade in the last month..”

However someone posted this in the latest thread on the main page today:

Is it over

As long predicted people are doing their own thing and continuing to shop at Countdown supermarkets.
Two months on, the storm in a teacup seems to be blowing over.