Blaming Countdown for the Hep A scare…? Proof that the Boycotters are grasping at straws.

When the announcement was made yesterday that some fruit packed at a Hawkes Bay plant was potentially contaminated with Hepatitis A the public were understandably worried.
The article warned that some apples sold at Progressives stores and peaches sold at Foodstuffs stores in the last few weeks were being recalled as a precautionary manner.

Of course, certain members of the boycott movement jumped all over this story like rabbits. They’ve been posting links to the story like it’s going out of fashion and insinuating Countdown is somehow to blame and even that they deliberately sold poisoned fruit.

From the Boycott Countdown page:
another reason to Boycott Countdown, turns out Countdown Supermarkets have been supplying Hepatitis A to customers now…”
“…and now Countdown Supermarkets are stocking fruit with Hepatitis A..”
Watch out for your Countdown apples and peaches: Hepatitis A warning..”

Countdown’s facebook page has of course been copping it too – aside from the idiotic boycott comments several people have even threatened to take legal action if they or their family members become ill.
I understand people are worried about the health of themselves and their families but this trend of shooting the messenger helps no one. Wht blame Countdown? Or Pak’n’Save for that matter – a range of stores in the North Island recalled a batch of peaches due to the risk of contamination.

Hepatitis A is a horrible illness and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done but to wait for it to pass.
The fact that it has a long incubation period and you can be infectious before showing any symptoms means it can spread very quickly without anyone being aware it has happened.

For this reason there is no point in blaming any of the supermarkets, or even the pack house worker who fell ill. He could have contracted the virus himself from a range of environments.
The media release also stated that due to the workers all wearing gloves the risk of contaminatin is in fact minimal and the recall is a precautionary manner – yet this information doesn’t seem to be well – known. Once again people are