Share Your Love for Countdown.. Positive Feedback from Consumers

Every business gets its share of complaints and criticisms – and Countdown has been getting more than its fair share lately, in addition to the occasionally abusive comment.

Here I leave a selection of positive comments left on their facebook page recently.

“Thank u @countdown for making life a little better today, that was a huge help yr juice being $1. I have a T1 son. He needs this to come up from a low. Thank u again”

Thankyou for another great delivery..everything fresh and my frozens..still frozen..ohh and thanks for the free samples..appreciated..keep up the good work Countdown Supermarkets”

“Big huge thank you to Trina and the lovely team at Cambridge Countdown. I went shopping today with 14month old twins an a 2 and a half year old. They saw me struggling and raced over with a twin trolley, a staff member helped me load up the children and then sent me on my way. I was standing in line and heard one of the staff member ask if I had started to unload my items yet because if not they will open a check out for me, at this point the twins lost it and Trina appeared and offered to take one of them for a walk while I carried on. It may not seem like a huge deal but I really appreciated the helpful staff today. Thanks countdown and Trina.”

“Thanks for the notepads Countdown! Will come in handy”

“Great to hear that Countdown responds positively to requests by online shoppers not to use plastic bags for their shopping. Here’s a comment from one of our fans on our Facebook page: “I have started online shopping with Countdown, and 9 times out of 10 they follow my instructions and deliver all the shopping each week in boxes and NO plastic bags! YaY!” Would be great if Countdown didn’t use plastic bags for online shopping at all. Look at the likes of Foodbox and Ooooby for inspiration. Comments and feedback welcome. Cheers from the team at”