Facebook page advocating for Kiwi employees of Countdown is accused of being “anti Kiwi”… Oh, the irony.

A little-known page advocating for the support of Countdown employees (and the others who work for and with the chain) and which vocally opposes the hysteria and xenophobia portrayed on the Boycott Countdown facebook page has over the last 24 hours been subjected to a vitriolic tirade from one of the Boycott’s extremist supporters.


It started simply enough with a self-righteous jibe aimed at a missed typo. The post was deliberately condescending and arrogant, but also showed the poster could think of nothing better to say.
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The article which was linked in the above discussion talked about how many people now use social media to vilify an individual or business and that we should expect this to continue. It also addressed the very real trend of how easily groups are being swept up an online attack without stopping to properly analyse or critique the whole issue before diving in – a case in point being the number of people who condemned Wille and JT’s infamous radio interview with ‘Amy’ despite not having heard the interview themselves.
Whether our grammar-and-spelling conscious friend understood this is unclear – he claims it made “several good points” but chose not to elaborate.You can read the article here.

On to the title of this entry.
A long and interesting discussion ensued so the post in its entirety is available here.
Let’s analyse some of my favourite phrases from our conscientious friend.

“You people..” In this sense it is a deliberately derogatory phrase – implying that those referred to are somehow inferior to the poster. This phrase has been used as a derogatory reference to minorities time and time again. It implies that as a minority they are less important, less intelligent and have less worth than those who look down on them.

“We’re not REALLY into American spellings..” does anybody else think of the South Park episode where the redneck guys tell everyone that “We don’t take kindly to your type round here..!” ?

And now for that bold anti Kiwi allegation you’ve been waiting for! If I could give it the level of fanfare the famous Shane Jones Letter of Condemning Doom got, I would.
Sorry to disappoint folks – here it is in plain, unadorned text.

“Also, you don’t suppose this page is just (dare I hint at it) slightly anti-Kiwi? Have you never heard of “Let’s Talk Strine” (i.e. Orstraaalian). This page reeks of it..”

Our patriotic friend ends with this loving sentiment… I mean Shane Jones-esque accusation:
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There you have it, folks. An expert opinion from someone who is really in the know. Because everyone thinks like him.
I suspect he has patriotism confused with narcissism and  jingoism. That’s a lot of -isms!

Clearly, the idea that people really do care about 18,000+ employees and all the people working for and with Countdown is laughable and the page is just pretending to speak on their behalf with a voice of calm and reason. Its REAL purpose is to promote a dirty Australian and American love fest.
New Tui ad, anyone?

If you have yet to visit the Boycott the Bullies facebook page but would like to show your support for the people who work for and with Countdown and advocate an objective approach, head on over and join the discussion.