Blatant misreporting by the media…? Naughty, naughty. But what’s new?

Countdown Supermarkets’ facebook page today released this statement in response to the previous post.

“…thanks for your post. We want to make it clear that we absolutely respect the views of the local Hauraki community. We are proud to have been part of this district for a long time and are one of its largest employers, but we are in a position where we need to adhere to a process which the new alcohol law has outlined, and regrettably appeals from different parts of the community are a potential outcome. We are not currently seeking to extend our trading hours but to retain current hours set by government. We plan to talk with the Council as we’re disappointed there has obviously been a misunderstanding about our intentions and we want to help to clarify this.

Communication is as always the key to avoiding hysterical and blatant misreporting which further tarnishes the name of an overly vilified business – as appears to have happened yet again in the Great Countdown Saga.
This sets the platform for new questions.

  • Did the media intentionally totally misquote Mayor Tregidga?
  • Did Mayor Tregidga mistakenly interpret the approach as ‘arrogant and aggressive’ or did he have another reason for such an inflammatory description?
  • And most importantly, how DID wanting to retain current hours come to be reported as 7am-11pm in small towns?

Hopefully we will soon hear the real story – minus the burning stakes and pitchforks. Reporters and the Hauraki Council – I look forward to your explanations.


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