Dare to challenge the mighty Boycott Countdown gang..? Expect threats of violence. Oh, and let Aussie burn..

Countdown staff and supporters who dare stand up to boycotters and voice opinions in favour of the chain and management have long been vilified, bullied and belittled for their stance.

A Kiwi expat living in Australia who has been openly challenging the boycott of Countdown and the xenophobic attitudes aimed at Australians (which are regularly expressed by a small mob of boycott supporters) has been threatened with brutal violence – by an extremist supporter of Nevan Lancaster’s “Boycott Countdown” facebook page.

Screen shots of the offender’s very violent threats were taken and sent to the police. Initially copies were posted on several pages including  Lancaster’s page, challenging him to control the extremist views which have been boiling over for some time.
As the complainant has confirmed it is now a police matter I am unable to show the offender’s threatening messages. What I can do is show you Lancaster’s response.

violence wp edit

Does this mean he condones such behaviour from his followers? Or is it just another “tongue in cheek” reply (as Lancaster would evidently have us believe), similar to the ‘let Aussie burn’ comment?

Another poster who is also a Kiwi expat living in Australia challenged this sentiment recently. He described Lancaster’s response:
“When I brought up his “let Aussie burn” statement with someone else, he replied with a rather ambiguous comment about how I should learn what a question mark denotes. I think what he was trying to say is that it’s perfectly acceptable to make such suggestions, as long as they’re framed as a question.”
Below is his challenge and Lancaster’s response.

justify that burn comment

If you haven’t seen the infamous post yet, here it is.
burn wp edit

To date, it has not been removed from the page, despite widespread criticism. It has 37 ‘likes’.

What next… stalking and threats aimed at people who work for or supply to the chain..?
When has it gone too far? It would appear that time has been and gone.